Building 2.8 for new Robotics program in Palau, Micronesia. Need help with Acrylic bonding


I am supporting the Coral Reef Research Foundation in Palau, Micronesia. We are starting a robotics program in Palau on July 2nd training teachers and high school students. We have just ordered an Open ROV 2.8 which will be delivered to my home in Del Mar, CA. I have to assemble it before leaving June 28th. I have assembled an ROV 2.7 but need help with acrylic cementing. Having a working 2.8 in addition to the 2.7 is essential. If you can build the unit or help me build it, we all will be eternally grateful. Kevin Bowen 858.231.7696


Hi Kevin,
I just sent you an email.
Howard in Oceanside, CA

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