Builders in Norway


Ahh… Well… Then there must be some comunication issue, not a hardware… I Guess


Hi, one more OpenROV owner from Norway here!
Per from Stabekk.

Got some pictures on:


I finished #747 in Oslo a couple of months ago. It works fine in shallow water "bathtub" conditions. However it freezes when it gets below a few meters of (still fresh) water. The motor currents increase sharply just before the freeze, so I suspect it could be a shortcut issue similar to the one discovered by Armand and Kjetil earlier. With a regular ohm measurement, everything seems ok, but I am able to provoke shortcuts to the base on all three motors by squeezing them a little. Anyone with the same experience or ideas on how to handle this?


I just finnished my #813 - V in Tromsoe.

I haven't had her in the sea or bathtube yet. Hopefully she will not have the shortcut issue. (fingers crossed).

I will have her tested in the near future. I'll keep you posted in her progress.
I can also be reached on facebook, Tom-Vidar Salangli