Builders in Norway


Currently building 2 OpenROVs from scratch in Sandnes, Norway.

Get in touch for discussing getting the acrylic cut, procuring components and

general build experiences.



Sorry, I'm from Switzerland, not Norway. But I guess you will get the acrylic in metric units too. If you got the laser cutting templates in SI units it would be great to share!


I'm glad to hear that you are building one! All dimensions are in metric, and acrylic sheets should be 3mm thick. Let us know how else we can help with your build!



The cutting templates are metric, as noted below. They are available as dxf-files, which is the most commonly accepted format at my local laser-cutting shops, on the development github branch -- but heed the warning about it beeing a development branch subject to change --

The only snag until now was availability of the acrylic tube, could only get in ID 94mm (spec´d as ID 95) - thereby neccesitating a little modification of the components for the end covers (from 94 to 93mm), and the electronics mountings.


The first parts have arrived! Acrylic, beaglebone and electronic components. :-)

Starting a build-blog at


I’m from Belgium, still Europe :slight_smile: I guess we 3 are the only European trying to build one :slight_smile:
I ordered beaglebone, adafruit cape, arduino chip, and repurposing an Logitech webcam.
I was trying to find a supplier of acrylic in my area: found one in Germany, but cannot find the clear tubes. Where did you find it?
Just to be sure, acrylic is the same thing as plexiglass, right?
For cutting I was thinking either Ponoko (but drawings have to be relaid around to fit in the Ponoko sizes) or waiting for the opening of the Bruxelles FabLab end of August, and cut them myself.


Here is the plexiglass provider I found:



I'm ordering acrylic too, and the other problem I found is also the tube for the props: the original is 76,2mm ID, while in EU we can only get 74 ID. So we need to find a different impeller that fits. Did you find one?

I wrote a post in the discussion list about sizes in SI:

If you could comment on that it would be great.




Both plexiglass, perspex and lucite is acrylic. The provider you mention seems to have a broad selection, the tubes seems to of the extruded type. I have an extruded tube and the quality looks good if not absolutely perfect. I got it cut at a local laser-cutting shop in my area in norway. Including materials, about €130 for a set.


Hi Steinsund, I just ordered a OpenROV kit 2.5 couple of days ago. Have you finished your ROV's? How did they perform?

Jeg er fra Bokn, rett nord for deg :-)



This is probably old news, but I have a lasercutter and could be helpful if you need anything cut... ;-)
Btw, I'm located in Oslo


PS. I bought one assembled and wonder if there's any tips and tricks you would like to share?


Hi Everyone

I'm from Tromsoe and have just ordered a 2.6 kit.

I would really like to get in touch for exchanges in the build prosess :)
Also feel free to contact me on FB

Peter Walz:

If you can lazer cut parts... mabe you can cut extra O-ring parts for the end caps on the battery tubes and the main its possible to have double sets of O-rings?


Hi Tom-Vidar.

Sure, I'll cut you some spares/extras...

What thickness do you need?



I just got my 2.6 kit in the post Office... I have to check for measurements..

I'll keep posting :)


How to controll the ROV wirelessly through 2.4ghz RC plane Controller(which I have) or gamepad?

Any sugestions?


Hey there, I am sitting in Nordmarka of Oslo. Just finished building #945. How many are we in Norway now?

I am also occasionally in Drøbak at the Akvarium, maybe one day there will be an OpenROV-Workshop...

Tom-Vidar, I have read about people using XBox Gamepads...



Torbjørn, located in Bergen.

My kit 2.6 is still a kit :-)

I got my 3d printer, an Reprap Ormerod some weeks before the rov kit.


Kjetil From Stavanger. Have build my 2,6 for a while ago. Have issues with the software freezing.


Me too… About software freezing … Maybe the pc is to small?
Not enough RAM?


I got 8GB of ram. And the computer is only 3 mnd old