Build Open Hardware - Win Trip to Space!


After weeks of hinting, Hackaday has revealed a design competition for which the grand prize is a trip to Space. "WHAT!?"...(yea, my thought exactly). Details can be found here.

What is so exciting about this contest is the intentional push for entrants to share and open-source their process, ideas, and ultimately- designs. Open-sourcing is not a requirement for the contest, but if you really want to be in the running, it's in your best interest to do so,

We’re not disqualifying entries that don’t share their secrets, but we are giving a strong judging preference on just how open each design will be.

I believe that OpenROV is a great example of how Open Design (hardware and software) can spur the imaginations, talents, and strengths of a community of people (everybody is smarter than anybody).

Do you have and idea about something the OpenROV community could design/submit to the contest? If so, post it below!