Build Log -- OpenROV #599


It’s taken me a while to spin up this spring, but today I finally started putting parts together! I’m heading to the Colorado for the first 3 weeks of June, and I’m pretty sure there must be some Rocky Mountain lakes dying to see some ROV exploration. My goal is to be done then, so I can do some learning while I’m out west. If all goes well, I’ll be in Lake Michigan when I get back later in the summer.

I keep a written log as I’m working, but fold it together with pictures and am posting regular Build Diaries at my website. Here is today’s entry:

Highlights of today:

  • Wow! Acrylic cement runs fast!
  • Recognizing how parts go together, especially in pictures when the parts are clear acrylic, is hard!

I stopped for the day after Step 8 in the v2.5 instructions, which is where I’ll pick it up next time.


thats an excellent trick with the cement bottle and the clamp!