Build log for OpenROV #054 - Cutting the acrylic and get node running


Hi fellow Open ROV builder,

I put my first OpenROV build log post online:

One word of advice from the post: If you open the DXF files in Adobe Illustrator for laser cutting:

Make sure the round parts are actually round! For me they weren't, had to use the PDF!




Nice post... opening my build blog soon too.

Tomorrow I'll get all the parts, and will start trying to assemble the board.


I noticed this too when I was redrawing the parts in FreeCAD. I used the dxf files as reference. None of the round parts were truly round and the circles - like bolt holes- weren't circles, they were splines.

Even some of the straight segments were actually multi-node splines. I'm not sure what this does, if anything, to the cut time / accuracy.

After I cut mine and verify that dimensions are accurate, I'll look into posting dxf files for each part that are made exclusively of segments, arcs, and circles.


Maybe it's the conversion to dxf... the original Inventors files are correctly round


I think that's it exactly. I can convert a face of a .stp file to dxf with HeeksCAD and it becomes exclusively arcs and segements but circles are multiple arcs. Conversion is a pain.