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Hi all,

I'm not as ahead with the development, but I ordered all parts (and some started arriving). In the meantime I setup a new blog on which I'll post my updates on the building of the ROV.

The Blog is called Drones And Rovs, because it covers both the building of the ROV and the building of the ArduCopter.

Let me know what you think


Great to see your build blog!


Nice blog! But I was hoping to find a list of everything that wont come with the kit (when it is shipped...soon?). I ordered my beagle board and LEDs and motors but was wondering what else I would ned to start building without waiting for parts delivery.


Hey Frank,

Here's the BOM. We're using a different camera and propellers, though. I'll update the BOM as soon as I can.

Everything else is there.

Also, this may help:


Simone killer blog and i have it bookmarked and will be following! Yes will be thinking about some sort of coupler for the motor shaft like you are, I think I will be having the same problem.

I, like the other Frank, am sourcing some parts, the spreadsheet is pretty good but there are a couple of things missing. Of course David sounds like he will update when he can, thats fine. Frank I ordered some tether from mouser link below.

Its 150m so I think I will cut 40-50m and just use with the existing baluns and then when there is a breakthrough in transmitting longer distances I will have the 100m tether ready to roll. I am slowly getting a mcmaster carr order going for some misc stuff. Hopefully its most of the stuff Eric holds up in a little baggy at the end of the recent unboxing video... I think only thing I am unclear on is the molex 18pin plug... maybe something like this? cheers


That's the one, Frank!


Thanks David I could've just given you all of my money during kickstarter to avoid these little q's but then would have missed all the great fun of sourcing these parts! cheers


And by doing it this way, you may find some better ways to do things then we do- let us know if that happens, and all the best luck with your build!