Broadcom toaster

I have just completed building the ROV version 2.6
I was able to get the tether to connect once.
I uploaded the firmware to Arduino as instructed.
After that I was never able to connect through the tether wires.
On the topside ROV board only the left and right LEDs shine,
the middle one does not turn on.
I was able to launch the cockpit if I connect directly to the BBB.
I decided to switch the two homeplug boards, and try the tether connection again.
I took the one from under the BBB and connected it to the ROV top board and vice versa.
Then I noticed that the Broadcom (bigger) chip on the topside homeplug
board's connectorless side is overheating. It quickly gets so hot that
I can't even touch it. I doubt that this is normal.
This doesn't seem right.
Have I done something wrong here?


Hi Marco:

The Broadcom chip tends to run very hot. If you think that your adapter is drawing too much current, you can wire an ammeter into the power supply for it- it should be drawing something like 300 mA of current.

There are three LEDs on the ROV controller board that indicate the status of the controller board homeplug adapter- they are the three left-most LEDs, colored green, amber, and amber. What are they indicating?

If your topside adapter is showing only the outer two LEDs, then its likely that there is nothing wrong with it, just for some reason the box is not connecting to the adapter on the ROV controller board.