Bonne Terre Mine Bonne Terre Missouri Adventure of a Lifetime!


I have been hoping to get a group of OPENROV community to descend into the Bonne Terre Mine. Is anyone interested in taking their ROV to a place that lives up to the true spirit of the adventure?

The Mine has boat tours and the owner is a gung ho diver and would probably love to have us. I have property in the area and could probably set up low or no cost accommodations for those that are interested. I envision a fleet of ROV's diving to my position 100 ft down! The video shoot of this would be amazing. It would be a very needed dose of science and maker culture in the Midwest. We can promote OpenROV while having a great time! The area is scenic and there are many side adventures we could go on as well!

Please respond or contact me if interested!


This would be a great opportunity for OPEN ROV enthusiasts from the various coasts, and other countries to meet in a central location with some serious adventure time. Jacques Cousteau spent several weeks here diving and conducting studies!!