BOM Battery Alternative Suppliers


Fast Tech has had my order in "packaging" status for two weeks. My ROV is almost fully assembled and batteries are at minimum a week or more out (10 day shipping from Asia). The batteries in the BOM are not available in the USA via retail outlets. After a lot of research I found a USA supplier with free 2 day shipping via (prime).

  • Real World Testing
    • TrueFire 5000mAh: ~ 4000mAh Power Curves by LyGte
      • still a pretty good battery!
    • EnerPower 5000mAh: ~4800mAh - 4700mAh Candle Power Forums
      • comparison available via through enerdan
      • maintains V with increased current draw

  • BOM Form Factor Explained: The 26650 form factor is 26mm x 65mm x (cylindrical form factor

  • RC Community: It seems to be well known in the RC community that LiPo/Li-Ion cells have often have misleading mAh packaging up to 6800mAh. Don't be suckered by the 6.8Ah battery advertisements out there, unless you can get power curve test results that match the hype.


Thanks for posting this.