Board won't boot up (only LED1 is green)


Hi everyone,

My ROV 2.6 was working fine, until one day it won't boot up. After some troubleshooting I reconnected the tether to the topside adapter and now the power goes through, but there is no connectivity with the board - only LED1 PWR is green, no other LED lights up, effect is the same as shorting J12. Topside adapter shows no Homeplug Connect (blinks and then turns off).

I'd be grateful for some help in troubleshooting.

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Hi Pawel:

Interesting photograph. Normally, if the controller board boots properly, you will have LED1 green (this is the +5V supply), LED6 green (this is the +3.3V supply driving the homeplug adapter), and LED4 will be blinking, signifying that the Arduino is sending telemetry to the BeagleBone Black. Since LED6 is not on and the Arduino does not appear to be running, the first thing I'd do is check the power supply voltages.

You can measure the power supply voltages on prototyping header J1. Measure between +5V and GND, and between +3.3 and GND, and see whether those seem to be correct. Obviously, this has to be done with the topside adapter powered, or with J12 shorted. While you're doing this, measure your batteries as well. Are you sure the batteries are freshly charged?



TL;DR I reversed one of the port batteries.

Thanks Walt for the prompt reply.

The issue turned out to be trivial. I measured first voltages on board (less than half of what they should be) then went back to batteries on DB25 (sticking cables into BAT_X+ and GND) and port side was on zero. I reversed one battery in the battery tube and the board is blinking at me happily now. Hope it helps anybody with similar issues...