Board difference between 2.6 and 2.7



I use the 2.6 version and wanted to know what the difference is to the 2.7 Version.

Can i use the 2.7 Lightboard with the 2.6 Board without Trouble ?

greetings Henk


Hi Henk:

The 2.7 Lightboard just replaces the two commercial white LED boards that were used in all the earlier OpenROV models. Electrically it will work just fine with the OpenROV 2.6 controller board.

Mechanically, you will have to do some cutting and filing on the plastic camera tilt bar (to which the light board mounts) to get it to fit properly. The size and shape of this piece changed between OROV 2.6 and OROV 2.7. You will also need to take the plastic bezel off the camera to get it to fit through the hole in the light board (this was not required on OROV 2.6).