BN055 and MPU9150


Recently I am learning about the origina code and I found 2 parts which indicate the direction data.(CBN055,CMPU9150). I know that BN055 is a part of the IMU/DEPTH modeul and MPI9150 will also show the pitch ,roll, yaw…etc. I have just bought a MPU9150 and I don’t know whether it will work if i solder it directly to the DB25. My ROV is 2.8.


I also have the same problem, anyone could help ?



So the BNO55 and the MPU9150 are two different models of IMU- the MPU9150 is the older IMU board that we no longer sell. The BNO55 is the chip in the updated IMU board, which we put into circulation in July 2015, and discontinued the MPU9150.

The ROV software is configured to support both sensors, which is why both appear on the telemetry stream.


So,it means that I can directly solder my own mpu9150 to the ROV, right ?


So are you planning on using the MPU9150 in addition to your IMU that has a BN055? The stand-alone MPU9150 won’t have a depth sensor on it, but you can use it on the same I2C bus as the BN055 so long as their addresses don’t interfere with one another.

For myself to understand better, can you tell me what you are trying to do? Its hard for me to have a good idea of what to tell you without knowing what you are trying to achieve.


So basically, I am planning to attachmy own MPU9150 and the depth sensor MS5837 to the ROV to show the depth and direction data, I am going to combine them together as a modeul and solder them to the DB25,Will it work as the IMU/DEPTH that is sold in the openrov store ?


Hi Golden,

I see- I don’t know if it will work, I don’t see any obvious reason it shouldn’t, but once you try it out let us know what the result is! We usually use our own IMU that has the two units already integrated. You might have to configure the I2C timing or the addresses for each sensor, in software.


Thanks for the tip
I scanned through the original code of the MPU9150 and the MS5803. Were these 2 sensor used to indicate dpeth and yaw,pitch befoe BNO55 was put into circulation ? as the MPU9150 couldn’t show the depth.
Also, I might have to configure the I2C timing and the address if I want to combine different sensors and use the I2C bus, i am now confused about which part of the code that i can do the configueration. Is the part shown in the photo the right place ,?it is in LIBmpudiverlayer.cpp