BlueRoamer 1.0 OpenROV #2096


Thanks for an interesting build. The lil’ devil flies/swims like a dream. I am already planning some upgrades and I’ll need a heap of questions answered.


Well didn’t take long…I’m almost done 2.0. Need to pot the wiring. I really hate that part, attach the E- tube, possibly install prop shrouds and tidy the whole thing up. Buoyancy testing could be a bit tricky but I can easily add lead in the inspection plates in the bottom skid. For the most part I have been able to keep the wiring inside the structure. Anything outside will be covered with loom. I positioned the thrusters midship trying to get a slower turn and possible an even reverse. We will see! Lights! I like lights! I am a HOG dive gear dealer so I am adding 2 X to it. The 1000 lumen floodlight versions are 70 degree spread with no hot spot This will should make it look like day time. I would like to add a couple more thrusters to have it strafe…any ideas? Oh, and I am as far from a programmer as anyone can be, so easy on the tech speak. :wink:



Oh man nice! I did a kit similar to this as well. Nice work.

So you are limited on motors due to the open ROV controller board but you can add an additional pressure housing with an additional set and a neater servo controller wired to the bbb. But it’s not as simple as it sounds both on setup and control lol. I think some other folks here have extended the number of motors as well from the controller board…have to search a bit.


@BlueRoamer Looks great! I like how you managed to the wiring harness away into the pipe. Gives it a nice, clean appearance. and it looks like you found a good spot for the batteries.


Thanks guys, appreciate the comments.
Guess I might have to find someone near by with the knowledge to help me with the technical part of the additional thrusters.
That’s a heap of buoyancy Jim N!!



Oh yeah, I didn’t fly with that. I took one off and re-positioned the other to the rear. The controller housing is super buoyant. THis was the only pic I had on hand at the time of the post , LOL

One comment though, I think you may need to drill some thorough holes along the piping. You don’t want any trapped air, nor additional buoyancy unless you plan on some heavy payload.


Well its coming along swimmingly. I have mounted a thruster for some side action. Doing some buoyancy tests trying to minimise the amount of ballast . I have finally made it descend on thrust “1” and still be buoyant. I don’t want to have to thrust upwards and stir up silt, I would rather thrust down and use the depth hold…which works a treat, well worth the couple bucks. This baby will be diving a max of 20’ in water storage tanks, Just wondering whether I should make the foam pretty or stick with the rough look.

I also grabbed 20m of 4mm 3 strand poly rope, tied one end off, unwound it with my drill and wound the first 20m of the tether back into it. its made it a bit more buoyant but I think I’ll go 6mm the next time.


Fantastic! great to see it coming together!


Finally the strafing thruster is functioning.


Well done Owen, this style modification seems to be getting more and more ROV’s in the club congrats