Blue Robotics/OpenROV 2.8 Hybrid ROV


That is a beautiful thing congrats !


Thanks for the kudos, much appreciated.

My next project is going to be a hot rod OROV ROV where I replace the DST-700 brushless motors with Blue Robotics M100 motors and propellers.
Adapting the M100 motors to the OROV motor mount frame requires a special adapter, much like the DST-700 pedestal mount, that I was lucky enough to acquire three of a while back.
Again, like my Hybrid ROV above, this is not a inexpensive conversion as the total cost of the motors is $210 and the propellers are $12 each. However, these motors will last and perform much beyond the DST-700 brushless motors in salt water.


There was someone who did that, I’ve definitely seen this upgrade… it will certainly put some punch into the little thing!


You are correct. BR, at one time, offered a T100 Thruster upgrade kit for the OROV Frame that has been discontinued. BR had some spare vertical thruster motor mounts leftover that I was able to acquire to be able to mount the M100 motors to the OROV Frame. The original BR Upgrade Kit instructions are here.
The only thing you have to be careful about with this upgrade is that the BR brushless motors draw twice the current of the DST-700 motors at full speed so you have to be very judicious with the thruster drive parameter.:grin:


Are you recording what is displayed on your screen as a video capture or are you getting the good quality hd videos straight from the camera?


I am using VLC to record what is seen on the laptop screen. The video seen on the laptop screen is direct from the OROV onboard camera.


Hey Tom!

Sweet setup you got there! Do you know how much currant the TP-Link router draws? Wondering how long one 10000mAh charge would last for!


Battery selection and other questions

According to Nils, who wrote the original “how to” article, his battery lasted numerous dives before needing to be recharged.
I have been using the WiFi setup just to power the Topside Adapter during shop testing and the LEDs on the battery are still showing four lights.


TCIII, I am brainstorming my way through a very similar build idea! I am super impressed with your build! And also glad to see the combination of the OpenROV and BlueRobotics platforms. I saw you over in the RCG forums. Anyways, I will follow you in both places. The RCG forum is a bit easier to navigate for me and more familiar. Check my thread out over there when you get a few minutes!


We are also planning an OpenROV hybrid with BR T100 thrusters. If we keep the thrust level to 4 or less is it just a case of swapping out the OpenROV thrusters for the BR ones and creating new mounting points? Or is reprogramming and other complex stuff required?



The BR T100 thrusters draw much more current than the OROV 2.8 Controller Board is designed to handle. Therefore the need to keep the Thrust Level around 4 or less with 3 being preferred. You will find that a Thrust Level of 3 will be sufficient in most cases. No reprogramming of the OROV firmware is required.



Hi TC,

Many thanks for the reply once again. Sounds good. In most cases we will be wanting to keep the thrust level to the lowest setting in order to give ourselves precision placement of a second camera that will be 12 inches out the front of the ROV.


I have a related question on the Hybrid ROV. I redesigned the thruster housing and propeller for my 2.8 and found that my thrust increased to a great extent but in doing so I cooked the switching MOS-FET Q3 on the controller board. The design uses the original motors from the 2.8 so i did not expect this. Here is the link to a picture of the thruster in the New thruster design forum. I was at power level 3 with full throttle for about 30sec when it failed. Trying to work in a hi current area where the tide is changing.



I find that i have plenty of thrust from the BR T100 Thrusters with the power level set at 2.