Blinking lights and freezing compass and depth meter


Today i had my First dive in a lake. Everything worked Fine except the blinking lights and the useless compass and depth meter. The lights Start blinking After e few minutes and at the Same Time the compass and the depth meter were freezing. From time to time the lights stopped blinking and the compass and the depth meter starten to work, but only for seconds. Within the 20 minutes dive it worked maybe One or two minutes. This is very nerving. Has somebody a idea how to solve this Problem ?

Thank you very much in advance !



Glad you got the ROV wet!

I think this will fix all issues seen:


Today i made another dive and everything was working Perfect , the compass, the depth meter and no blinking lights. I haven’t changed anything. Very Strange ???


Most of the issues that you witnessed are intermittent which is how they got past us in the first place.