Black screen on dashboard -- camera?



Whenever i connect with the ROV the camera screen turns black, the tethers and IMU works fine. I tired to connect the camera to my computer and it worked, so i suppose the problem is with the beagleBone
I have updated all the software, flushed the beagleBone and set depth to zero

what might be wrong?


You mentioned you updated all the software… does that mean you installed from the 30.0.3 release on the SD card flash image?


Having the same exact problem here. I installed the 30.0.3 flash image, and updated the Arduino firmware. Twice, just to make sure. This problem happened randomly and suddenly yesterday; the video feed was working normally and the next day it froze and cut out. No electronics had been near water for a week. The webcam works on my computer so I know it and its USB cable are fine.
Any help possible tonight? I was supposed to be giving a demo tomorrow morning.
Thank you so much for any information you can give.