Bill of Materials optimized for other countries


hello everyone.

I'm just beginning this thrilling project to build an OpenROV from scratch. I have noticed that it may be interesting to translate the bill of materials into the metric system. If nobody has done it before I could do it, I will just need somebody to review my work before submitting.

I am open to all advices and comments.


Hi Pierre:

Quite a good idea, I tried it time ago.

It would be required, appart from the mere change of units, the updating of some components to the European market and the inclusion in the list, of the suitable european dealers.

In some cases, the original design does not fit with European standards, hence some slight adjustment of the american design would also have to be done.

Count on me for any required help ....

Kind regards.


This is a great idea Pierre-Olivier! I'd love to see this happen. Also, would be happy to review it. Let us know!


Well here is a good point to start, I will try to correct the units and find dealers ( in UK, France or Spain for example).

Correct the design in order to fit UE standards is much more difficult, as I am just begining in openrov and I need to develop my skills in building robots ( I start form 0).

Ion, David, thank you for your support, I will give you notice on how the work is going


Don worry too much about standards, modifications would not have to be big.

The problem I've found is that when units are converted to metrics, the sizes do not fit with the European normalization. Anyway, available sizes are very close to the american ones, hence, only little changes are required.