Bill of materials for the electronics


Hi there!

Is there a list of the electronic components (resistors, etc) that I need to build the BeagleBone cape?

I should have the BeagleBone, the Adafruit Development Cape and the Andruino chip in my mail today and would like to get the other stuff to get started. (Well, still need the ESCs and motors, LED and the acrylic)





There is no explicit list like that yet, but the newest schematic for the OpenROV Cape (listed under the development branch within "OpenROV Electronics" on GitHub) includes the call outs for each component on the drawing. I've only tried building the Cape by hand on pref-board once, and it was so tedious that I decided to only use custom manufactured PCBs from then on. We're working on getting some such boards made right now, and when we have the Gerber File created, we'll post that so others can use it too.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for the pointers! I'm positive to get the electronics up and running.

One question though: in the OpenRov Cape.sch is a compnent called U1, Arduino_Shieldno_silk

What's that?




That is just a file that contains the layout for the Arduino header configuration. The idea is that this way, people could add Arduinio Shields to the cape as if it had the same footprint as a standard Arduino. There are no electronics for that part- it is just a layout.