Bill of Materials battery tube discrepency



Not sure where to post this, but I just wanted to let someone know that the US Bill of Materials list has a typo.

The US bill of materials lists for the battery tubes two 1 .125" (1 1/8th) outside diameter tubes from McMaster (note Outside Diameter). However, the part number listed in the BOM for this item (8628k74) links to a 1.25 tube (1 1/4") tubes.

BOM List

McMaster link from BOM

All that I think needs to be updated is the BOM spreadsheet to say "1.25in OD Nylon tube" as opposed to "1.125in OD Nylon tube".



Is there also a discrepancy between the length of the shipping tubes (I'm working on #352) and the v2.4 recommended batteries and parallel battery wiring instructions? I haven't received the Trustfire batteries yet, but the spec says that they are 68.5 mm tall, whereas C batteries are 50 mm.


3 trustfire batteries fit where 4 C batteries normally fit.

It's close enough to work. I'll find a better explanation that Eric has posted on another blog post...


That's good news - I didn't think to do the math. :)


I can't seem to find the other post I wrote about this, but David said it right- three of the 26650 batteries fit where 4 C's would normally go. Because each battery has a nominal voltage of 3.7v, 3.7*3=11.1v per pack which is why we run them in parallel.

Best of luck!



I updated the BOM. Thanks for pointing that out!