Beware Trident and Mexican customs

Heads up: on recent trip to Cabo I hand carried my Trident and got asked questions at customs. They got really exited when they found out there was a camera and that it cost more than $500…

Turns out there exists a “specialty camera” category (aka drone tax). Which clocks in at 16% of anything over $500. They changed my customs form to say I did have commercial goods and produced a nice looking form so next time I might not have to pay up again.

No amount of arguing about not selling and willingness to show possession at exit went anywhere. Luckily, I got tagged on the $969 Kickstarter charge basis (per old emails off my phone), and not what their web search would have yielded. And only 30 mins entry delay.

TL;DR: keep drone in luggage, protect the camera lens w/ some tape and carry receipts.

Good to know, thanks for sharing.

Same is also true for Turkey and Egypt!
Just in case… everything that is (semi) autonomous and has a camera can easily cause trouble…

Thanks for sharing! This is incredibly helpful!

Agree. If you can, avoid pelican cases as they are certain to get stopped.

very true… tough looking cases are like a treasure chest to border police…