BETA for OpenROV Image 30.0.0


As a community supported project, we can use all the help we can get readying the next release of the software.

You can help by running the latest beta version of our software. This software may break or not run correctly. Please run it off of a spare SD card so that you can swap cards and run a more stable version if you need to! Please be sure to let us know about any bugs you find in the beta release by responding back to this thread.

Current Beta Relase

Features to test

  • Build 162 + Suite Build 88 focuses on the dashboard upgrade process.

  • Build 162 focuses on issues surrounding corrupt serial communication. The motors should no longer misbehave or only go in one direction.

  • Build 152 focuses on image stability. You should not develop corrupt SD cards requiring you to re-image anymore.

How I develop directly on the beaglebone
[solved] Sometimes only Port motor operates
Starboard Motor Spins Slower Than Port After Successful Programming & Calibration

Hey @Kevin_K,

In this video:
Installed build 162, but the motors are a bit weird now. Vertical thruster now has more power (yes! keep it!) but I am getting very slow fwd/rev on only the starboard motor. It will also throttle up inconsistently with keys and the gamepad.

At the first part I only see the one prop spinning. Are you using the diagnostic panel to control the one thruster? I’m trying to decode what I am seeing.



Sorry about that, I meant to get up the 2.5.1 Build 108 video to go with this one but I was having write problems with my SD card last night. There are no problems with my 2.5.1 software now.

Anyway, as for the 30.0.0 video, I was using the gamepad and had full forward applied in Power Level 2. The same applies if I use the keyboard. As you noticed, only starboard thruster was working. The vertical thruster was spinning at a faster level and although not shown, when I increase the power level (1-5), the vertical thruster gets much more power.


Hm. I may need do write a new extension tonight to go ahead and grab all of the details to help troubleshoot these reports :wink:. In the meantime, here is a semi-quick guide for debugging the thrusters. Please let me know if this helps in isolating what is going wrong.

Primer on the motor telemetry values

In the telemetry screen, there is one setting: Motor(1500,1500,1500) and another Mtarg(1500,1500,1500). Where the numbers inside represent the value being sent to the thruster (Port,Vertical,Starboard). Motor is the actual value that has been sent, Mtarg is the value the browser has sent to it. The values for the motors are between 1000-2000 where 1500 is neutral (stopped). Technically these values are the PWM pulse widths in ms.

There are two things that will cause a difference between Mtarg and Motor.

  1. Is software smoothing is enabled, the Mtarg will be ramped up to over time.
  2. If the motor is reversed your see the the opposite value. (instead of 1700 which is 1500(neutral)+200, you will see 1300( which is 1500(neutral-200).

Given your description I am curious what the motor values are when you are using the software.

If the MTARG value is still 1500 on the port thruster when thrusting forward it indicates the command never made it to the micro controller which may mean the message was corrupted and rejected.

If the MTARG value seems to be changing on both motors and the port motor is not spinning I would then check the MOTOR value. If it is still neutral (1500) then the firmware failed to send the command to the servo at which point I would check the value of the MTRMOD value in telemetry.

Primer on MTRMOD telemetry data

MTRMOD stands for Motor Modification Value. It is a floating point number that is multiplied to the target PWM value being sent to the motor. When you reverse a motor in the UI it causes the MTRMOD value for the motor to be multiplied by -1, essentially flipping the direction.

MTRMOD(1,2,1,2,1,2) where the values are (Port Forward, Vertical Forward, Starboard Forward, Port Reverse, Vertical Reverse, Starboard Reverse).

I would basically be checking to ensure none of the values are zero.

If the MOTOR values seem correct and the thruster is still not turning… well then we have a bigger mystery as we are properly sending the right signal to the ESC. We can tackle that problem if and when it happens.

Thrusters only rotate in one direction

Nevermind, I got it back and working correctly after some troubleshooting. I re-imaged my SD card and reuploaded the firmware. It seems the gremlin has gone away. I’ll let you know if I encounter anything else, but I wouldn’t consider this an issue unless it pops up again.


We have 16 downloads of the 162 beta at this point. It would be great to have some explicit feedback. Thanks in advance!

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  • Need more time to test build 162


Has anyone running the BETA noticed random restarts on the beaglebone?


I haven’t noticed any. I think I may have had to do a few browser restarts, but no beaglebone restarts.


Still running leak tests of the housing, but so far so good with 162. Have had it running in dry tests for hours, with no restarts


Hi Brian
162 seems to work fine on the workbench. I have a 2.5.
No diving so far. Hope to try that version in the next days.
Only my wireless logitech doesn’t work, while the USB Version is fine.


What O/S are you using? Mac had special step to make one of the wireless gamepads work.


I am using Windows 8
In older Versions the wireless worked flawless. Could itbe due to some update of Chrome?


Just about ready to ship the release. Turns out that our users that are using 2.5.1-RC3 which shipped with the 2.7 kits cannot reliably upgrade using the UI in dashboard. Upgrading by burning an image always work. There is another way, to use putty and the command-line on the ROV.

This is my first shot at a quick instructional video on performing the upgrade (please note that the upgrade server is not generally available at the moment so trying to follow along won’t work!)


@Hubertus, not sure. What model are you using?


Hi Brian
I have a 2.5 Openrov
So far I used RC3. Now I have burned a card with 30.0.0 162
I hope I can try that in the water next weekend. With the former Version I had some problems while diving the last time. My Rov refused to turn left. With the new image it seems to be Ok on the work bench, but we will see what happens in the water…


Sorry, which logitech wireless controller?


F 710 is the wireless one
The 510 (USB) works fine


Upgrading to Build 162 + Suite Build 88

  1. Use the Build [162][1] or [152][2] as the base image.
    1b. SSH in to the ROV and execute this command `
sudo etc/init.d/dashboard restart````
2. From the ROV dashboard, select software
3. If you are on the pre-release branch already you will see:
<img src="/uploads/openrov/4808/b859543371ed25fc.png" width="320" height="75"> 
  a. If not on the pre-release branch choose the Enable advanced mode button
  b. At the top of the screen you should see a drop down for the current branch, change it to pre-release
4. You should see an option to install an update to  openrov-rov-suite_30.0.0~~pre-release.88.685a3e1. Go ahead and install it.

Let me know if you run in to any issues!

<img src="/uploads/openrov/4809/58bac5551a6cd334.gif" width="690" height="344"> 



Released: OpenROV Software 30.0.0 Installation Notes

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