Best Tethered ROV for Inspection work (non - battery)

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We are a company that conduct inspections in both potable water and raw water assets in the UK & Ireland. We are currently running a fleet of two Video Ray Pro 4’s, One BlueROV2 with the OTPS Topside Powered Tether Kit, and one Battery Powered BlueROV2.

We are looking to upgrade the two video rays - possibly to a Video Ray Pro 5. However, I was wondering if the forum knew of any alternatives for non-battery, tethered ROV’s currently available?

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Steve Lee,
Panton Mcleod

@steven.lee I do not know of any non-battery ROVs, but I know of something close to what I think you are looking for. The FifishV^ does use a battery, but you can get a special tether that will feed power to it from the surface. This will give you many hours of time underwater with no worries of running out of battery time. I use the V6 and V6s and soon will be getting the tether to improve underwater time.

FIFISH V6 is World


Hi Michael - thanks for getting back to me! I was unaware of this tether option with the Qysea ROVS. I have enquired on their website regarding it, that could definitely be a good possibility for us.We have a similar setup on our BlueROV2 where instead of using the battery, power is provided through a specially made tether.

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