Best ROV Motor for Cheap

Hiya folks, I’m new to ROV building, does anyone know any good motors for cheap? Budget is about $5-10, thank you in advanced

aliexpress has lots of cheap ones, but $5 is somewhat unrealistic.

You could buy any brushless outrunner you like, open it up, and drown it in lacquer to waterproof it - two minor problems:

a) the cost of the lacquer will be more than the motor.

b) you’ll need to replace the bearings so they work underwater - again - that’s going to cost more than the motor.

“$5-$10” sounds like this is a “single use only” project? If you’re only going to use it once or just a couple of times - just get the cheapest brushless motor you can, and use nail-polish to cover the exposed solder parts - that will keep you going.


thank you so much! its only for a few runs as a proof of concept. have a good day!