Best place to mount a GoPro?


Top or bottom? any ideas or experiences of mounting a GoPro on the OpenROV?

Version 2.8 Announcement

Hi Andrew:

It’s easy to mount a GoPro on an OpenROV, and the videos come out amazingly good. Here’s what I do for a mount on my 2.8:

The GoPro waterproof case slides nicely over the M5 threaded rods that are on the bottom of the ROV. Use two M5 stainless nuts to allow the case to be held tightly at whatever angle you choose. The space between the ears on the case should be filled with one or more M5 nylon washers to keep from stressing the mounting ears.

In fresh water, you’ll need to change out the 3 oz weights to 2 oz weights for trim purposes. For seawater, just leave the 3 oz weights in place:

Hope this helps…



BTW, if you’re going to mount a GoPro on the bottom of the ROV, the case will be inverted, so make sure you set up the GoPro to invert the video.



But surely every time you land on the bottom, you’ll swivel the camera?


Hi Andy:

Sort of. You can tighten the GoPro mount to the point where a gentle landing on the bottom does not change the tilt angle.

But with this rig installed, you should really try to avoid hitting the bottom; the video when you’re on the bottom won’t be that good anyway. If your ROV is properly ballasted and balanced, and you use the depth hold function when necessary, you really shouldn’t have that many issues with bouncing off the bottom.



Another option, if you have a 3D printer, is to use my rail setup which allows the use of picatinny accessories, including Go-Pro mounts, laser mounts, etc.

Rail system:
Go Pro mount


Have a look at replacing your GoPro with a Kodak SP 360 degree camera. It uses the same mounts as the GoPro & also records in HD but with a full 360 Degrees of recorded viewing Just Awesome!
Ive put a post up about it but to save you searching, Kodak SP 360
With this bad boy you will be looking left, right, fwd, Aft & down all in the one shot of recording, plus you can upload 360 degree footage direct to YouTube & you can control the viewed video with your A W S D keys on the keyboard.

Just more options for us all :smile:


a new update on the SP360 with a new SP360 4K 12MP version now out



Do you know how the low light performance compares with GoPro? (Not that GoPro is particularly good).


I didnt find anything specific in the user manual ?
It may be a question to direct to them :slightly_smiling:


This new Nikon looks really interesting. But its only rated to 100ft…


Fingers crossed they have a Action camera case so you can protect it & use it down to 100Mtrs deep :slight_smile:


First attemptat mounting the Gopro. Not a good place to mount it! The extra weight that far back and the extra drag caused the rov to pitch upward when moving forward.