Best ESC for an rov


I’m working on an rov for a competition. They provide us with a 12 volts and a 25 amp max. I’m wanting to switch over to brushless motors but there isn’t to much on what kind of ESC to use. I had one for a helicopter met met an unfortunate end ( fell over while messing around with it in my house and everything broke) but it only goes forward. So I purchased one from hobby king for cars that goes both directions but the motor is really chattery and when it does start to turn it is very slow. I think this is because of the ESC ( it’s this one Does anyone know of a good ESC for rovs that would work with the specs of my competition. Also if you have any tips on if I should water proof my brushless motors and of so how? I do have access to a 3d printer so if that would help then please let me know. Also I’m using an arduino mega with a USB shield on it so I can control it with a ps4 controller.

Thanks for the help in advance