Best combo for controlling ROV



What combination of controller and computer do you like to use to run your ROV? I did not like the keyboard controls so I got a Logitec F310 gamepad, which made piloting much more enjoyable. The gamepad works well on my HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 7. However, the battery life on my laptop is very poor, it’s bulky, and the screen is hard to see in the sun.

I am currently experimenting with an Insignia tablet running Android 6.0. The tablet does not seem to recognize the F310 gamepad (which is plugged in through a mini-usb to usb adapter). It also won’t recognize my generic XBox USB controller (which behaved strangely on my computer, but worked). The on-screen controls do not seem very responsive or intuitive, although I haven’t played with them much. Furthermore, on the Android, I can’t figure out how to hide the “horizon line” in the cockpit or the onscreen controls.

I’ve also previously tried the <$200 Lenovo Ideapad running Windows 10 with the F310 controller, which worked well. However, the shape and size of a laptop does not seem ideal, and there are a lot of tablets for half of the price of this system (which is important to me, considering the risks that the computer is exposed to while afield).

To use my ROV on computers without an ethernet plug, I made a wifi system using the suggestions given on this forum.

Would a tablet running the Windows 10 OS or Amazon Fire be more similar to the experience I get from my laptop? Will any tablet operating systems work with the F310 gamepad? Are there other inexpensive laptops similar to the Ideapad? Would the ROV work with a Chromebook?