Being confused on replacing the db25 and the endcaps


I am considering the procedure of replacing the DB 25 and the endcaps in case of damge in the futrue but I am a little bit cofused with it. As the whole ROV has been assembled, if I replace the DB25, I have to re-route all the wires, but some wires have been settled in the battery tubes and it means that I have to damage the battery endcaps and other components. The only method now I have figured out is to cut the wires and weld them to the new DB25 wires and then use the heat shrinks to make them waterproof. I don’t know weather it is ok .
Thanks a lot !


Yes, I guess cutting and re-soldering the wires is the prosedure… see the “guides how to” that you find on the Openrov-site


The best way to do the replacement will be to cut the wires and re-solder them on the outside of the E-Tube and then use the waterproof heat-shrink to seal the connections.

Directions to using the waterproof heat-shrink.

Let us know how it goes!