Bearing replacement for brushless motor


Purposed bearing replacement design for brushless motors used on ROV

Building prototype motor this weekend and will post design after salt water testing.


I hear this spot at lovers point in pacific grove has a bit of salt water! You can launch off that concrete diving platform (which is not for diving)


Motors are now in the test tank.


Four motors in test tank with quad controller. Number four is control no epoxy or bushing stock motor.

Propeller mounts next on build list. Saltwater test end of week. Anode added to tank (thanks Ion)


What material are you considering for the bushing? I really like the idea of switching out the bearings.

I've read in the RC boat forums that the typical bearings are very high maintenance (disassemble, clean, grease to prevent rust). They recommended using bronze or oillite bronze. Apparently brass degrades due to the Zinc in it.