BeagleBone vs. Raspberry Pi



Currently BeagleBone is chosen as the central processing unit for OpenROV.

I wonder if Raspberry Pi can be used instead?

It is much cheaper ($35), has 2 USB (for USB WEB camera) + Ethernet (10/100Mb).

Also has many GPIO for any purposes...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




Actually, I saw some Raspberry Pi - related notes in forum, but I'm not sure what the clear answer is.

As for Raspberry Pi, if I'm not mistaken, its main purpose is:

- establish Ethernet connection with surface

- get frames from UBS Webcam and send them to host via Ethernet

- get commands from host via Ethernet (having a socket at some port), translate them and re-send to executive board (Arduino), which in its turn operates engines, servos, etc.

- (optionally) send telemetry info from ROV to host.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


The BeagleBone has a bit more CPU horsepower. Either should be enough to take USB webcam input and compress it with h.264 and send it out the ethernet line. Both have plenty of GPIO and other peripheral connections.