Beaglebone Reliability


We had a great flight this afternoon. We tried to fire it up again this evening, and the beaglebone wouldnt boot. This is the second time it has happened. We connected directly to it from a laptop and cannot get it to respond.
The power light comes on, but there are no user lights.
We are concerned at $55 a board.
Are others seeing this issue ?


Powering down ROV

Hey Jon,

If this is a beaglebone you got through OpenROV, go ahead and get in touch with support.

For the bigger question, we are seeing a trend on some of the BeagleBones with those exact symptoms. Not sure yet what the root issue is but OpenROV support is looking in to it as well.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting back to us. I have been thinking about the two events and one thing occurred to me. In both instances we had lost control due to low battery.

I took another look at the way we have the cockpit set up and I think we had the customer battery settings wrong. We are running the LiFePO4 batteries and had the max set a 9.9 and the minimum at 8.0 volts.

I looked at the forum and I guess We should have the minimum set at 9.0. Is it possible that with the voltage dropping below 9 that the amp draw kicks up and causes issues as the unit calls for more power ?




I found this entry on the specification page of the Beaglebone. Could this be our issue ?




We have been able to cycle the beaglebbone using the shutdown command in putty before removing the USB power.

We will be following this procedure going forward.



@Walt_Holm, any thoughts on an add on board design for



i change to a BBB these day’s. because i destroyed my BBW during power up i want to be on the safe side.

is there some new recomendations for powering up and down the BBB? The requirement to not supply any voltage to the GPIO Pins during boot keeps me thinking. From my point of view i plan to use the High signal given by SYS_RESETn switching on arduinos power supply.

But how to proceed the shutdown with a closed tube?



Hi Brian:

Well, it’s definitely going to be a feature on the 2.8 controller board, but I don’t have an easy way to make an add-on for the current controller board. I think the best thing would be to have a software menu item that manually shuts down the BB, before pulling the tether power off. Of course, that doesn’t help you when tether power is inadvertently removed, but its a start.