Beaglebone PRU help


Hey Guys,

I have been interested in using a beaglebone as an autopilot for an rc airplane for a while now. I joined this site because I saw you are able to control the ROV using beaglebone.

Is the motor control done using the beaglebones PRU?? How do you keep your processing in real-time?

If anybody could push me in the right direction on this it would be greatly appreciated.


I haven't had a chance to look at the OpenROV code, so I can speak to if its being used or not.

I have looked into using the BeagleBone PRU for another project though. My impression is the PRU is more for real-time communication. It doesn't have a multiply instruction and it's programmed in assembly, so it'd be kind of tough to build a controller in it.

The BeagleBone is pretty fast. If your autopilot were implemented in a reasonably fast language it'd probably be fast enough just running on top of regular Linux. You could try looking for real-time OSes that are ported to the BeagleBone.

For more information on PRU see these links: