Beaglebone problem?


I have completed the second Openrov and I have been having troubles with the Beaglebone since the first powerup. It would not boot or let me SSH in even when connected via USB. In reflashed it via sd emmc, and it took 3 times of tying to get it to stick.

Now that it boots and and the has been updated but I am experiencing 100% CPU usage and frequent 999+ latency drops both in and out of water.

Anyone else has this experience?


I fixed the latency issues by reseating both homeplugs and hitting the reset button on both. The problem is currently I have to emmc reflash the board every other start up. It is fine if I keep the SD card in, except that it seems to use more CPU and lag out a bit more.


Bummer Paul,

What version of the software are you flashing on to the ROV?



The latest public release, OpenROV-2.5-29


Thanks. That image should be reliable.

And what are the symptoms that are leading to the conclusion that the emmc image is not holding?



When I did the first powerup, there was no response from the beaglebone both plugged into direct usb and via the homeplug. I flashed the bbone through the SDemmc and it worked fine. I removed the SD card and booted up again and it went fine. Two start ups later it was again not responding until I either reflash or leave the SD card in all the time.


So, our latest image has some changes that make these type of problems a little easier to diagnose. If your willing to give it a shot, I would ask you to download our latest Release Canidate ( and use that to Flash the ROV. After it comes up be sure to also re-upload the firmware to the arduino via the cockpit.

From that point on, the beagle bone will have "knight-rider" style lights on its blue leds after its boot sequence that indicates our software is up and running. The LEDs can then hopefully be used to help isolate the issue.



I’ve realized I think I have a similar issue. CPU use is pretty much always at 100%. This means latency frequently drops and makes the ROV janky as hell to pilot. All those OpenROVs I have used (2.7 X 2 and 2.8) have had similar issues.

Is this normal, or should users expect to have ~30ms ping constantly?

AFAIK I updated to the latest official release when it came out. Not computer-centric since the ROV has similar issues on three separate PCs.