BeagleBone Cape or Arduino Uno


Hello people and good evening..!!

I would like to ask a question is it possible instead of building a BeagleBone Cape with an arduino chip to

connect an arduino uno with beaglebone...?

Thank you in advance...!!

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Yes. You will need to do a bunch of additional electronics however. Just off the top of my head. You will need the electronicts to bring in the 12V filter it and bring it down to 5V to fead the Uno and BeagleBone.

Also, you will need to setup 3 (4?) electronic switches that can be opened via a 5V feed from the Uno and allow 12V to pass through to the motors for 3 and possilby 5V to the Servo for the 4th. I think you can drive the 5V power for the servo off the Uno instead.

You also may need to do the same to drive the LED's. I am not sure if they are 5V or 12V. I haven't made it that far in my build yet.


One of the most important features of the cape is the stepping down of the 12V to power the BB.

Space is always an issue, too. There's only so much room inside the little electronics tube.


Also you need to put some logic voltage converter because the Rx/Tx of the Arduino run on 5V, while all the pins in BB run on 3.3V (I burned a BB because I forgot this little difference :))


Right! Very important to remember.

BTW was the Bone dead or just the GPIO port?


The whole Bone... not powering on

But apparently it should have not... so sending back for a replacement/repair