Beaglebone Cape BOM



where can I find a part list / BOM for the beaglebone cape.

Can it be extracted from the schematics in eagle? If yes: I'm not familiar wiht eagle. Where can I do this?

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Hello Tobi you can find the BOM on this link BeagleBone Cape


*Umpf* - Thank you!

EDIT: Additional question: Do you recommed to order this with the beaglebone board:

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Yes Tobi you will definitely need it in case to build the circuit...!!!


I'd wait building the cape yourself, as you can see from the first line in the wiki page, that board is replaced by the new OpenROV cape, which will come already built and setup with just some headers to solder on.


Ah - thank you!

Do you already know when it will be available?

- Tobi


The OpenROV capes are ready... they will go in production this week, but only for the kickstarter kits.

For people that didn't buy the kits there will probably be more available after the initial kickstarter kits production is over.

Sorry I cannot be more precise on that.



Thank you for your answer.

Can the kit already be ordered? Do you have an idea what the price will be?

An will it be available in EU?

- Tobi


I built a cape. It will be a tight fit and you will need to attach components on both sides and be creative with the space. It gets even tighter when you want to put the power supply on as well. I left off the LEDs on mine to give me a bit more space to work with.


I think the best way will be to register your interest in the kits page:

Just says what you are interested in


The capes will be available before the kits. Early 2013 likely for the capes. Will send an email to the list that has signed up next week after the kits have shipped.



If the Schematic and PCB up to date?

Does it work with the "1.0 beta of the OpenROV cockpit"?


It's not up to date. We should have an updated schematic up soon.


No, it's not up to date.

We'll add the latest schematics ASAP.

As stated in the blog post with the announcement, the cockpit works with the final rev of the cape for which we are waiting the company that build it to polish them and release in the github repository


Here is the latest schematic and gerber file for the cape: