Beaglebone Black updates?



I have a beaglebone black, the A6 is discontinued according to all of the sites I have found that used to carry it thus I am now stuck with using the black. Are there any updates on whether the software will work with the black, what needs to be changed or added in order to get the code to run properly? And is cutting the pins the only solution for getting the cape to work with the black as well?

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



We are currently working on getting the software ported over to the black! We will post updates as the community rolls it out. Currently there is no way around the cape interfering with the pins on the BBB, so you have to take them out, either by cutting or desoldering the header. Hope this helps!



Why can't you just put a female pin header on the beaglebone and then stack the cape on top of that so the pin header is essentially just an extension and buffer?


Rather than cut pins I used female pin headers to raise the cape and everything still works fine so this seems to be an alternative to cutting the pins unless I am missing something....