BeagleBone Black Update


We continue to be really excited about the BeagleBone Black! It's going to be a great upgrade for OpenROV to grow into.

We originally reported that the OpenROV cape was going to be compatible with the new Black, but now that we've had our hands on it, we've discovered an issue. The header pins for the serial debug on the BeagleBone won't fit with the cape. See the diagram below:

You can cut the pins to make it fit. Also, we're working the next revision of the cape, which will account for this issue.

Also, it's worth noting that the current software needs to be updated before it will work on the BeagleBone Black. That software is under development. Let us know if you want to help with that!


Is it possible to cut a slot on the cape to allow the serial debug pins to clear ? Another option would be building up the header.