BeagleBone Black Angstrom working with OPENROV software


This is really a follow on to Dominiks Branched code with node.js v0.8.2 thread but it was getting a little deep so I wanted to be more specific re the use of Angstrom and the simplified mjpg-streamer of mjpeg video to the console rather than using OpenCV. I used the development branch code on Dominik's codewithpassion site. The trials and tribulations I went through are documented on my Vamfun robot musing blog post building-openrov-software-with-Angstrom/. I was sucessful in getting the Genius to display video onto the OPENROV html page and almost got the BBB to update the Arduino firmware in the OpenROV Cape. More later. we know for sure that the BBB is pin compatible with the Cape without any gpio redirection?


This is awesome! great work :) I'm definitely going to be following this progress. In regards to the pin compatibility, I'm not sure. Hopefully Brian Adams or Dominik chime in.



With the latest OpenROV image ( on an SD card I was able to boot the BBB with the cape on it.

Although, only when it was first powered via USB (or the 5V port on the BBB should work too). When it was initially powered via the cape it wouldn't boot. After it was starting up I could power it through the cape.

I think it is due too the cape powering some pins that prevent the BBB to boot.

To enable the GPIO pin P8_25 I have to use a device tree overlay.

The overlay is currently part of openrov-image ( bu will be moved into the openrov-software repo soon.

You should be able to use that too on Angstroem.

Maybe you want to have a look at the new openrov-image scripts. We now have the possibility to modify .img files and automatically setup all we need.

You might be able to modify one of these images too:

You would probably need to modify the scripts for Angstroem .

- Dominik