BeagleBone and HD-5000


Hi guys,

sorry for that, but I'm not able to get out fo the problem...

I dowloaded the OpenROV image, and updated succesfully.

For now, everything is ok (except that sometimes the beaglebone shut-down itself without reason, but that's another story).

Now, when I connect my HD-5000 webcam, nothing happens: in the cockpit I see the "no camera" image...

Well, when I try to install V4L2 drivers (,_Build_and_Install_V4L-DVB_Device_Drivers) I get some errors and, googling around, I find that I have to update the Kernel headers.

DOH! ...and now?? :-(

Do someone have an image working? Or, otherwise, a solution for a stuck newbie?

Many thanks!



How are you powering the beaglebone? Might be possible that you cant supply enough current for the USB to start working. It might also explain why your beaglebone is shutting down unexpectedly.


Thanks for the reply, Kurt.

I'm using 5V 3Amp power supply. :-/


Kurt, I forgot this:

With the updated Angostrom IMG (from beableboard) all is good. The BB boots with no problems at all.




Well, solved the problem.

Quite simple: as Kurt suspected, was a power supply problem.

I have to check my power supply unit, but using another one all goes well. No drivers, nothing needed.

Thank you.