Beagle bone black


I got a beagle bone black on Saturday. The cape does not fit. The Jumpers at will have to be cut down. Also, the latest image does not load from the card. Any suggestions besides getting the white version.



I’ve noticed the same thing- it seems that the new jumpers they put on the BBB collide with one of the capacitors on the bottom side of the cape. I don’t have any solutions for that now, and I’m also not sure what SW modifications need to be done to be compatible with the black. We’ll try to figure those things out over the comming months, but in the mean time, the best I can say is “hang in there!” And let us know if you come up with any good solutions of your own.

Best of luck!.


Regarding the BBB. Will it be a new cape for it, and if so, when will it release?

I was thinking of building an openrov this summer, but i don't know if I should wait for an update of the cape or if I should go with the old BB and the current cape. I have no understanding in how much better the new BB is, so I really can't make a good decision by my self :P


As soon as I get a black I'll confirm the software. It appears we need a text file on the SD card to signal that we want to use the SD vs the internal storage for launching the O/S. Physically, I heard that cutting the (are they JTAG pins?) that are colliding with the capacitor is an option...


Has there been any update to the image to use on the BBB? Can anyone confirm the use of the current cape with the BBB? Is there a new cape coming out soon? I'm holding off on buying a cape to use with the BBB until someone confirms that it works well with the current image or if there is a new cape coming soon I;ll just hold off.