BD 1ml Syringe 309628



I was having some trouble sourcing the syringe here in Norway. Long story short, I ended up with a box of 100 syringes. So if anyone else here is having a hard time getting a hold of these, I could send you a couple.




I sent you an message regarding this.


Can you send me about 10? For some reason the syringes have been the hardest thing for me to get...and its holding up the show at this point...


Hi, can I buy 2 syringes from you?


Give me your address and I’ll ship you a couple


Hi! Thanks for the offer - but Ola said he would send me a cople.


Hi everyone...finally I see some Norwegians here ;)

I am from Tromsoe.

Iwould really like to get in touch with all of you we can "join forces" , exchange experiences?

I am waiting for my 2.6 kit to be shipped ! :)


Hi Ola,

I am having problems with one of the syringes. Can I buy a couple from you? I am from Spain.

Thanks and best regards.

Miguel Angel