BBB won't take update


I am unable to get the 31.0.0RC to load to the BBB. I have followed the steps to update the firmware but when I power on the BBB with the USB cable, the single blue light will flash or stay on for a second or two but the 4 lights do not start to run.

As background, I was able to download the 31.0.0 before it became RC. I was testing to see if my Microsoft Lifepro HD camera would work better on the newer version. I then reloaded the production version 30.0.3 and used that for continued testing of my build but now can not reload 31.0.0RC.

Is there a way to “clear” the BB memory and start over with a clean install? Any other suggestions I could try? I am ready for in water testing and want to set it up with the latest software.


Are you pulling the link for the RC from the first post in this topic?

This version is meant to run from the SD card. Once you load it onto the SD card put that in the BBB and leave it there to run it. This is different from the 30.0.3 image which loaded the image onto the memory on the BBB.

Let me know if this helps.


No, I had pulled down the link from the post #20 on 1/25 but I just realized that I was trying to load it into memory, not run it from the SD card. I will try that today.
Jim Scholz


Let us know if that works.


yes, That took care of it. Thanks. Classify this as another DFU issue.
Jim Scholz