BBB problem not booting


I recently updated the BBB to the latest FW and it was working fine. Today when I tried
to boot the ROV the webpage was not loading and after testing the BBB it was not booting.
I had to reflash the FW and it was working again. When connected on the ROV controller
it happened again and it would not boot.


Hopefully you got support for this already. If not, it depends on what the blue leds on the beaglebone are doing.

If there is only the 1 power led, and the bank of 4 blue leds are all blank, but you can try power cycling the beaglebone and it comes on then that takes the investigation down one path.

If there is two lights in the back of 4 blue leds that are doing seem to be repeating an ongoing pattern forever… and power cycling does not change the situation, that is likely the image having become corrupt. As of the 30.0.3 pre-release, there are changes to hopefully make the system more resistant to those corruption issues.