BBB not powering up after shutdown?


We have OpenRov 2.6, the students and I just finished the assembly. The electronics were tested, all motors work, camera worked, light array and the lasers functional properly. The students were absolutely ecstatic!

We turned off the system while placing the control boards, camera etc into the main tube. Before sealing the tube we started up the system again and this time nothing? The BBB just displays a quick blue light on pwr and then nothing?

What did we do? We shortened a couple of the wires to make it easier to insert into the tube, soldered and shrink wrapped them.

Removed BBB, could not get it to boot by itself when connected to computer?

Kind of stumped, not sure what to do next?

We have a Raspbery Pi, could we use that instead?


Your description is spot on for a dead BBB. I recommend contacting support as I believe they can get you a replacement.