BB White Camera


Hello at all,

is there any possibility to install other camera models than the recommendet to the bb software without havin an intensiv knowledge of linux?

It is a bit strange to understand why the lifcam hd 5000 should run and my lifecam vx 1000 not.



Hey Stefan,

Look for camera's that are Linux UVC compatible. If they are you should be able to simply plug them in and use them.

I assume you are trying to use the video on your ROV, in which case, the camera also needs to be able to stream MJPEG natively.

Finally, linux has always been updating software which improves support for cameras. A more recent build of linux will probably help if you have problems. We have not had a release for the beaglebone white from OpenROV in a while, though I hope that our next 2.5.2 release will be compatible.



Microsoft Life Cam HD 3000 works well