Battery Tube Leak



I am making an OpenROV Kit purchase. But there was a problem.
I put O-rings without silicone grease. But there is a leak at the opening of my OpenROV Battery Tube.
Should I put the O-ring using silicone grease to get rid of the leak? Or should I build a new Battery Tube? Or another way?



Depends - are you certain that the leak is from the o-ring? You should definitely use silicone grease (just a small amount) to make sure the o-ring slips on and off without friction which can cause damage, or cause it to catch on a part of the inner diameter, deforming it slightly.

Start with greasing your o-rings, then I’d consider replacing the tubes if the epoxy fillings have large cavities .


Oh…Thanks!!! I will try that.


Yes you can re-try but first maybe replace/inspect the o-ring for any signs of damage and then ensure you clean the o-ring mating surfaces with a soft lint free cloth and ensure there are no visible scratches or any dirt or any other debris. A hair is often the culprit. Then as noted ‘lightly’ grease the o-ring, the grease as no real effect on the seal, it just allows the o-ring to slip in without distorting or rolling.