Battery Tube Ends


Battery Tube end cap test 60 PSI @ 2 hours no leaks.

Ends are 3D printed and unsealed parts. Liquid is mineral oil spot.


STL file posted will attach details after overnight test.

Some slight leakage or condensation has occurred after a 12-hour pressure test at 30 psi.

Part weight before test 2 end caps plus o-ring 35.7g after test 36.64g.

O-Ring Parker #S1138 2-212 Material Silicone

Parts printed on Maker Bot Replicator 2 Qty 2 parts per run

Material: PLA (comes with machine)

Infill % 100

Layer Height .1

Temp 230

Speed while extruding 80


Cool Mark! Can you share the files?


Nice! That is awesome that the parts work unsealed! What type of plastic are you using? and what printer+print setting?