Battery tube clip holder for OpenROV



These clips provide a way of attaching the OpenROV’s battery tubes to its chassis using a 3D printed “snap-action” holder. The purpose of the holder is to replace the zip-ties that currently hold the tubes in place.

I didn’t care for the zip-ties holding the battery tubes because they take fine motor dexterity to tighten and release. Two conditions come to mind that make working with the zip-ties a challenge, wearing gloves and cold weather. I’d prefer just a way to “snap” the battery tubes into and out of place.

Source files (Sketchup and .stl) of the battery tube holder can be downloaded from Thingiverse,

Required Parts

  1. 3D printed battery tube clip holders X 2
  2. 25mm bolts X 2
  3. Nuts X 2
  4. 1/8th inch drill bit
  5. Drill


  1. Print out 3D parts
  2. Remove the battery tube zip ties from the front of ROV
  3. Drill 1/8th hole on each side of ROV 60mm in from most forward point on bow
  4. Thread bolts through each holder and mount to ROV chassis
  5. Push battery tubes into each holder



Excited to try this on mine.