Battery tube assembly


I am at step 22 building the battery tubes. I needed some clarification on the assembly notes and checked youtube. I noticed that there were a couple of videos that pertained to the Version 2.5 build but the videos that pertained to the battery assembly were the older build style. Are there any videos available for the 2.5 battery assembly?. I have found the videos extremely helpful.

Thank you



The little smaller c-ring looking piece is designed to help pot the end cap for the rear of the tube. What part exactly are you stuck on?


David I appreciate the response. I did figure it out. I have found the online build guide for 2.5 helpful but the videos that were posted on youtube for earlier build versions are a very helpful visualization that is missing in the 2.5 build . There are a couple of 2.5 videos but I think it would be very helpful to update the video you tube library for a complete 2.5 build.

Thanks again for your help.