Battery specifications



Regarding the batteries, I am trying to find some local alternatives in Norway for my newly bought 2,8, however my knowledge about this is rather limited so if anyone could help me with what is needed/allowed I would be very grateful.

When it comes to voltage, I see that 3,2 is recommended, however would also 3,7 work? What would be limits when searching for batteries voltage-wise? (6x3,2=19,2V - what would be the min and max?)

I understand that the format of the battery should be 26650 in order to fit into the tube, right?

mAh should not be a problem if I understand it correctly - this is only the energy the battery is able to store? Can I use everything from 3300 and upwards? Any limits?

Finally I see that the reason OpenRov changed battery is because the previous ones tripped too easily - what parameter should I look for here in order to avoid tripping?

Sorry for the very basic questions, however batteries have never been my strong side.

All the best,



Hey Victor,

it is important that OpenROV recommends batteries with a chemical composition of LiFePo4, this usually also result in the correct voltages. Remember that the batteries are put together 3*2, resulting in a voltage of 9,6V.

26650 refers to the batteries size and you definitely needs those. mAh does, as you stated, refer to the storage capacity, I would stick to the recommended 3300 in order to work best for the RoV.

I have bought these (which were not too expensive and work perfectly):
they ship to Norway for 12,90€. PM if you need any help or if I should order these for you :smile: